TRAINER for the topics
Team Development – Communication – Strategy and Risk Management.

As always, these are coincidences – 30 years ago I was called to their seminars by very successful trainers and consultants. Until then, I only knew the topic “development of people” from training in sport.

As a trainer for state-certified mountain and ski guides as well as state-certified ski instructors for many years, I had a different approach to developing people. With this frontal form of training, development was difficult.

This was followed by training in the field:
Leadership, Team, Communication, Change and Risk.
It is now 60 – 80 days per year on which I can work with seminar groups.

My major international projects (expeditions, film productions, etc.) are the best field of learning that make the contents of my seminars authentic and real.
It is also (as in the economy) about the best employees – a tight schedule – setbacks – budget and in the end about success / failure.