Atomic Austria GmbH is an Austrian company that manufactures skiing products. It is wholly owned by the Finnish Amer-Sports Group, which includes Wilson, Suunto, Precor, Volant and Salomon.
The North Face is an American company specialising in outdoor clothing, mainly selling jackets, fleece products, shoes, tents and backpacks.
Suunto Oy is a Finnish measuring instrument company that manufactures sports watches, diving instruments and compasses. The company headquarters and production facility are located in Vantaa, Finland.
GoPro is an American manufacturer of action camcorders based in San Mateo. The cameras are small, waterproof and more robust than conventional video cameras and are mainly used in the sports sector.
Red Bull is an energy drink from the Austrian company Red Bull GmbH


Andreas christian prag – prag kg team & organizational consulting. We are a well-rehearsed team – Andreas Indoor / Heli Outdoor. His knowledge and also his enormous speed demands everything around him. Keeping up is the order of the day here and standstill is impossible. Andreas does not make or hold seminars, but He lives seminars.
“Carefully accompany people and organizations in meaningful development.”

 born 1961 in Vienna, lives in Feldkirch/Vorarlberg, married, two daughters. Marianne was the one who took me into the world of leadership seminars. A world that was foreign to me at the beginning. Many hours – days – weeks, … we have had an exchange on how we can use the outdoors effectively and sustainably in seminars.
Thomas Bubendorfer is an Austrian extreme mountaineer and author. He mainly practices the technique of free solo climbing. In 1988 he had an accident during advertising shots near his hometown, during which his heel was destroyed. Thomas is a very good friend his 1987 where we worked together for a television series in China. Every year we still have our adventures, both professionally and privately, which we won’t tell anyone.
Günter Göberl
I was allowed to be part of countless of his film productions. Persistent and not always easy, always looking for improvement and optimization. If we combine our energies and everyone lives out his or her area, the product can end up being excellent.
Working with Ray on international photo projects is always a special challenge. It pushes and can be pushed – always and everywhere. No project of his is like the other. Only the new makes you curious and above all fun. It’s a pleasure to have him as a friend.
At the beginning, in 2004 Rob (who came from Holland) only wanted to do a short internship with me. Meanwhile many years have passed, Rob has 3 children and is to be seen as a full partner of me. His patience, resilience and versatile interest make him an all-rounder. Outdoor leadership would not exist without Rob.
Sebastian has been head of the ski school in winter and the school sports area in summer at Outdoor Leadership for years. The patient access to the young generation enables him to draw all reserves from the participants of his courses.
As a Nordic ski jumper and cross-country skier Nik has built up a career. However, the structures of the ÖSV are not generated for strong will, lateral thinkers and independence. The transition to private industry and services was not difficult, there are enough parallel ones here. His influence on the team is always good for surprises.