In front of the camera as an extreme athlete, behind the camera in film productions in the vertical.
In recent years I have been used more and more as a cameraman on expeditions such as first ascents in Tibet or on a series over the great north faces of the Alps.

A new, exciting challenge to act as a cameraman in difficult, hardly accessible terrain.

In 1984 I was allowed to accompany a film team in the mountains. Since then this has been one of my main interests. During the following assignments as a mountain guide I had more and more the camera in my hand, began to double the actors in difficult and dangerous positions and was allowed to perform stunts. These positions I could reach were often inaccessible to cameramen.


a) Cameraman
b) Production management
c) Storyteller
d) Filming Expeditions


Some examples:
– Hubert von Goisern, the first golden
– Heli Putz portrait for Polish television
– Heli Putz portrait of saudi arabiaTV
– MTV: womens in sport; location, logistc, safety
– Norwegian Ice; Ray Demski
– Hausa Lehra; climbing portrait
– Argentina; Gauloises, Photo-Fashion shooting, Zooom production, location management
– Bollywood: Movie, Safety, Location Management
– 4 women and one death; Safety, Ropework
– Universe; Water. Location, Skywork
– Mountain Rescue series for NDF, location check and logistic (TV)
– CCTV; Tibet; First ascent of 3x 6000m with Thomas Bubendorfer
– RedBull Media House: Mount Roraima / Stefan Glowacz as production manager and Safety (movie theater)
– RedBull Media House: Oman; into the light, Chris Sharma / Stefan Glowacz (movie theater)
– RedBull Media House: Patagonia Cerro Torre, David Lama – Production Manager
– RedBull Media House: Dolomites, Schretzmayer D.+ Glowacz Stefan
– RedBull Media House: Ticino, Nora Tschirmer + Steve Fisher
– RedBull Media House: Mallorca, Cosma Shiva Hagen + Fischhuber Kilian
– ORF; Expedition Austria; 3 months Safety u. Location Management
– ORF; Land of Mountains: Beat Kammerlander
– Felix Baumgartner: Oman, cinema Portrait, – Location, Safety, Logistic, Camera
– ServusTV; the 6 episodes of the Great North Face: Lafety, Logistic, Camera
– ServusTV; Dachstein: Idea, direction, implementation
– ServusTV; Heilbronn misfortune: actor
– ServusTV; Hirlatz Cave: idea, implementation
– ServusTV; Bhutan: Idea, direction, actor, logistic, production management
– ServusTV; Ski tour: actors, ideas
– ServusTV; “The Long Way” 2 parts, idea, implementation, security
– ServusTV; Hochschwab: Safety, wall logistics
– …