We (climbers and freeriders) wanted to create our own competitions and events. In the 1990s there had been nothing comparable before. We had to organize events ourselves. With the support of Red Bull it became possible. We were able to create and implement extreme sports events.

Now structures have grown and all too often they had to be invented. Approvals, responsibilities, budgets, risks, international guidelines and above all a lot of personal responsibility had to be taken over. Brilliant, I was allowed to be there right from the start and help develop. There had hardly been anything comparable before, especially in these sports disciplines. Basically every first event was absolutely forbidden. Solutions had to be found to exceed these limits.

These developments were and are my learning field for seminars & management trainings!
Meanwhile there are more than 100 events I was allowed to organize, many of them with a high international level.

My performances

At almost all of my CompanyEvents & Sports I am the general organizer with my company “Outdoor Leadership”. I see my competence in approvals, contracts with landowners and authorities, construction work and event management. To 90 % the sporty design is also created and / or co-developed by me. Many of the ideas come from me or have been brought to me. The implementation including the necessary equipment is absolutely my strength. Now I can look back on a 30-year success story without accidents. An unbelievable number of events have trained me and the reference list is very long. I hope that I can organize many more events. I’m still hungry for something new and unprecedented.


      • Red Bull Whiterush
      • Red Bull Cliff Dive
      • Red Bull Speedride
      • Red Bull Snow Thrill
      • Red Bull Hüttenrallye
      • Red Bull Shape The Nature
      • Red Bull x-Alps
      • Red Bull Playstreets
      • Sekundenjagt
      • Atomic Waymaker

What my clients say

That was a great experience I had. I can use many things for my further professional development.
Sepp, Telering
Learned a lot at this Heli Putz seminar. Thank you again.
Sebastian, Red Bull
A truly amazing seminar. I’ll definitely be back. Thanks Heli!
Peter, Xforce